We’ve had to make a very tough decision about young guests during our celebrations.

Our child-friendly events are

  • Meeting on The Great Claddagh Ring Hunt
  • The London Leaving Engagement
  • The Recovery

It’s extremely uncomfortable asking people not to bring their children to the wedding day in Manchester, but unfortunately we have limited spaces, so we truly appreciate your understanding. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet them at the other occasions we’re arranging to celebrate our marriage – such as the London Leaving Engagement, our various stops in Ireland on The Great Claddagh Ring Hunt, and The Recovery. That said, we hope you understand that there will be a small number of children on the wedding day in Manchester. These will be:

  • nieces and nephews of Brian & Holly;
  • children that must travel with their parents from outside the United Kingdom and have no family members available in the UK who can care for them;
  • breastfeeding babes in arms.

We know that arranging childcare for your children comes with effort and even expense, so we totally understand if you cannot attend the wedding day on this basis, but we would love to meet and celebrate with you and your children at one of the other occasions we’re arranging other than the wedding day.