Holly & Brian appreciate how lucky they are:

We earn money, have a place to live, eat when we want and have many choices in how we want to live. The most important gift to us is your support for our marriage and that you enjoy celebrating with us either on our wedding day or another time. However, if you feel you would like to make a gift to mark the beginning of our enduring commitment to each other, we would be very grateful. We have made some suggestions below. Although we very much appreciate the thought and intention, please do not gift us alcohol.

Gifts Via Monzo

Rather than a gift list Holly & Brian are collecting contributions to a couple of large gifts they’ll truly use and value, namely Le Creuset pots and pans, and a Tempur mattress.

Some very generous guests have told us they had problems using the Monzo.me links – and it turns out they’re right. Monzo has made a simple payment option very frustrating.

If you wish to make a gift, Holly & Brian are very happy to take contributions via any method you’re most comfortable with, but for ease you can make an online transfer and suggest the gift you wish to contribute to in the “Reference” box. We’ll know who it’s from as your account name will be displayed with your transfer.

Account Name: Holly Domney
Sort Code: 04-00-04
Account Number: 81043454

If your bank is not in the UK, you can make an international transfer and avoid international transfer fees by using this referral link from Wise: https://transferwise.com/invite/u/briana47

Sustainable Pans

Holly & Brian enjoy cooking at home together. One of Brian’s greatest bugbears is when pans lose their non-stick coating, go rusty, have lids and knobs that fall off or become otherwise unusable. It seems Le Creuset are the most sustainable pans in the business and should last so long we can pass them on to others as heirlooms. If you’d like to contribute to a full set of Le Creuset cast iron pans, we’d be very grateful. We’d love for you to try them out with us by joining us for dinner one day. Just tell us a date.

To contribute to this gift put “Le Creuset” in the payment reference box.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Brian & Holly both appreciate a good night’s sleep – and it’s something they struggle with. They’d very much appreciate contributions to a Tempur mattress. Unlike the Le Creuset set, we won’t be inviting you to join us, though.

To contribute to this gift put “Tempur” in the payment reference box.

Ukranian Heros

The invasion of Ukraine is shocking. The Ukranian army, many of whom were normal civilians just a few months ago, are fighting a war that threatens the world. They are brave and heroic. They need support, but don’t have the fundraising capabilities of charities. Giving directly to the Ukranian army enables them to spend money in a way that they see fit, rather than being restricted by politically-compromised foreign aid agreements.

To contribute to this gift put “Ukraine” in the payment reference box.

Dog Sit Our Sadie

Brian got an email promoting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for half-price, first class, global interrailing tickets for three months. That’d be totally up Holly & Brian’s street, so they decided to book the tickets and hope they could make it all work out. Holly’s been planning what she’s termed “The Megamoon” ever since. They initally hoped to take their dog Sadie with them, but after trying to make it work, they decided it wouldn’t be the best option for Sadie or their trip. One of the most wonderful gifts anyone could give Brian and Holly would be for someone they know and trust to look after Sadie from early August until early November, either at their own home or at Brian & Holly’s flat in Harringay. Anyone interested, should get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting and a trial dog sit. Just send us an email.