These will be updated just as soon as we have the details.

The Great Claddagh Ring Hunt – Saturday 18th September 2021 – Monday 27th September 2021

London Leaving – November / December 2021

  • Come for lunch, stay for dinner.

Wedding Day – Saturday 30th April 2022

Our ceremony will be in the early afternoon. If you’re only arriving on Saturday night, this should give you plenty of time to check into any hotels, get changed and walk to venue.

We recommend that you have a brunch at the Market Place in Altrincham or go to pubs and restaurants near the venue.

You are welcome at the venue from 12.30pm, but please ensure you arrive by 2pm. The ceremony will commence at 2.30.

The Recovery – Sunday 31st April 2022

  • This will also be in Altrincham.