Brian was born with the anti-authoritarian attributes of his ancestors, so he doesn’t stand much for ceremony and unnecessary restrictions. (Holly has difficulty getting Brian to comply with simple table manners.)

No one likes the idea of “organised fun”. (Well, except Holly.)

That said, all of our celebrations will comply with the contemporary etiquette currently recommended by relevant science and required by law at this time of crucial social responsibility. This will make as many people as comfortable as possible during our celebrations as well as respecting our family, friends, hosts and suppliers.

Some of our guests are in the most vulnerable health categories. Our celebrations may be the last such events they ever attend. We’d rather not help to make that a certainty. We are also committed to the international effort to control Covid-19, just as we are the international effort to combat climate change and reduce the disposal of plastics.

We expect and understand that mistakes will be made during our events, and we trust that like us, no one will judge any guest for making any such mistake. However, if you are intentionally unable to comply with the science and the law, we would love to meet you personally another time.