Brian and Holly will visit Ireland between 18th – 26th September 2021 to choose their wedding rings and they hope to meet some members of Brian’s family and friends on their travels.

No doubt you appreciate they are trying to give certainty to their wedding events in very uncertain times. You are welcome to meet them at any destination on their travels, but they sensitively and respectfully request that you understand the vaccination policy which applies to all their private group wedding events. Unfortunately time is against them on travelling to Dublin on this trip, but they hope to make it to the city at some point in the near future. However, you can still arrange to meet them privately another time. They explain below:

“There’s so many people we want to celebrate with, but we’re restricted by how many people we can fit into a room at the same time. What’s more, if we have only one event, we fear we’ll only achieve fleeting meetings with the friends and family who have come to celebrate with us. Hence we are inviting guests to different marriage celebrations in a way they hope will give them surety that we will be able meet and make it as easy as possible for everyone to celebrate with us.”

Please help them by filling in the form below to let them know whether you’d like to meet them and when. Please supply email and phone number as they’ll need to keep you updated on their plans, especially if the science changes.

We’d love to celebrate with you, let us know if you feel the same!

This is a “Save The Dates” notice and by filling in the form below, you’ll help us, yourselves and everyone plan as best we can. Due to current uncertainties, unfortunately completing the form doesn’t guarantee attendance at the events, but it will be an enormous help for planning going forward and we’ll do all we can to celebrate with as many people as possible. 

The hunt route is as follows:

  • Saturday 18th September 2021: Arrive in Shannon, and an evening Siege of Ennis, County Clare, for dinner, if not a dance;
  • Sunday 19th September 2021: Start the ring hunt in Claddagh, near Galway City;
  • Monday 20th September 2021: the hunt continues;
  • Tuesday 21st September 2021: a well balanced trip to the Cliffs of Moher in the morning, then off to have laugh in Limerick, County Limerick;
  • Wednesday 22nd September 2021: fun and games at King John’s Castle then take the short way through Tipperary before crashing out in Clashmore for a long weekend;
  • Thursday 23rd September 2021: a morning at the beach at Youghall (and if it rains – we’ll just hang out in Clashmore) then evening drinks in Ardmore;
  • Friday 24th September 2021: a free day for chilled out informal meet ups – but we might go horse riding too;
  • Saturday 25th September 2021: lunch in Dungarvan, then a night in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary;
  • Sunday 26th September 2021: flying back to Manchester.

We’ve popped in some really important links below, and if you could please read them it would be much appreciated. Also, please give us an email address and mobile phone number wherever possible so we can set up your private access to our wedding website at We will be communicating via email and text messages wherever possible.

Now, please read below and fill out the form for each invited guest to save some dates.