This small hamlet hosts the farmland that has been in Brian’s family for generations.

At the back of the farmland is the Seskinane Church with a graveyard that hosts numerous of his relatives.

The church is built with ancient Ogham stones. Ogham is an ancient Irish language. The Ogham stone that forms the lintel of the doorway into Seskinane church has an inscription which translates as “of Bróen“, an ancient variation of “Brian“.

There is a local legend as to why no one ever heard a bell ring to call people to mass at the church. If you visit the church, in respect of the church, the graveyard and this local legend, we would appreciate it if all mobile phones are turned off or set to silent when entering the grounds.

…when the bell [which was taken from another church in Kilkeany] was brought to Knockboy, it was found that no matter how hard it was rung the bell would not chime. It was said that the bell broke from where it was hung and made its way back to Kilkeany, in the middle of the night, chiming the length of the journey and that shrieks of mocking laughter could be heard.

(Keane 2015, 36).

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