Holly & Brian appreciate how lucky they are and thoroughly appreciate the cost and inconvenience that can be involved in attending wedding occasions. There’s little they need or want, so if you simply embrace the celebrations, that will be gift enough. However, if you feel you would still like to make a formal gift to mark the beginning of their new life together, below are some suggested items you could contribute to, experiences you could join them on and causes close to their heart that you can support. If you would like to make your own personal gift they would appreciate that too. If you’d like to ask any questions, just contact Brolly.

A Tempur Mattress

Holly & Brian both suffer from very poor sleep, which impacts their health, their productivity and their moods. They’re constantly trying new approaches to improve their sleep – for the benefit of themselves, each other and the rest of the world. The comfort they’ve achieved from Tempur memory foam pillows over the last year has truly helped, so if you’d like to contribute to a Tempur memory foam mattress for them click here.

Tackle Rough Sleeping

Brian believes more is needed than just care and cash to tackle rough sleeping. That’s why he has been giving to St Mungo’s for years and has even held a bucket outside Moorgate station to fundraise for them. St Mungo’s deals with the most accute cases and causes of rough sleeping and homelessness. Click here to contribute to Brian & Holly’s St Mungo’s Wedding Fund.

Solar Panels, Sustainable Home & Renewable Energy

There’s so much work to do to the house Holly & Brian are moving to in Cheshire that they’ve decided they may as well aim for the 21st Century version of The Good Life: rather than being self-sufficient in food, they aim to be self-sufficient in energy.

They will be striving for sustainable and renewable energy options as far as reasonably practicable. This will include installing solar panels, batteries, perhaps a ground source heat pump, a new kind of boiler and more.

By contributing to their renewable energy home you will play a part in helping Brian & Holly to reduce their impact on the environment and their contribution to climate change.

To contribute to their renewable energy home, click here.

Help the Environment

Holly & Brian are trying to reduce their use and waste of plastics, help animals and limit their impact on climate change. As well as Holly’s personal activism, she is a regular contributor to WWF which is active in all these areas. Click here to contribute to Brian & Holly’s WWF Wedding Fund.

Sustainable Oven Pans

Holly & Brian enjoy cooking at home together. One of Brian’s greatest bugbears is when pans lose their non-stick coating, go rusty, have lids and knobs that fall off or become otherwise unusable. It seems Le Creuset are the most sustainable pans available. They should last so long they will forever remind them of their wedding, and they can pass them on to others as heirlooms. In fact, they are lucky enough to have already inherited some Le Creuset hob pans from Holly’s parents. As Brian & Holly are big roasters, they’d love to get some oven pans and casserole dishes as well. To contribute to a full set of Le Creuset cast iron pans click here. They’d also like to cook dinner for you with them. Just click here to book a date in now.

Feed Others & Tackle Food Waste

The oppulence of food waste denies hungry people the most simple of pleasures, damages their health and is bad for the environment. Brian & Holly are fundraising for FareShare to help to fight hunger and tackle food waste. Click here to contribute to their FareShare Fundraising Wedding Fund.

Large Format Photos & Frames

This is a photo Holly took of Brian in Tottenham.
No joke. It’s Tottenham.

Brian & Holly like decorating their home with large format panorama photos they’ve taken, as they are window-like memories of times they’ve enjoyed together. They’d like to do the same for some of their wedding photos. To contribute to high quality large format photo prints and frames click here.

Date Nights

Holly & Brian like being an active couple, and intend to keep going on dates with each other in their marriage.

If you’d like to come along too, three’s a crowd – and Brian & Holly do love a crowd – so just get some extra tickets and book a date in the calendar to tell them when you’re available. If you’d simply like to make a contribution to a date night, or just send one of them out of the other’s way (they both appreciate some peace from time-to-time) they’d be grateful for that too. Just amend the suggested amount for the number of people you’d like to treat including yourself.

If you’re joining them on date night, don’t forget to book the dates in the Calendar now.