We respect and appreciate the amount of effort and expense that can come with attending weddings, especially if you have to travel any distance. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to celebrate with us. The most important things to us is that our wedding celebrations be stress-free and fun for our guests as well as us.

There’s so many people that we want to celebrate with, but we simply cannot fit everybody into a room at the same time. If we have only one event, we fear we’ll only have fleeting meetings with the friends and family who have come to celebrate with us.

Hence we’re arranging more than one occasion/opportunity where we can meet and celebrate with people. It gives our friends and family some choices about the type of event, location and date that suits them most. We will be inviting our guests to different occasions of our wedding celebrations in a way we hope will make it as easy as possible for them to celebrate with us.

We’ve also had to make a very tough decision about young guests.

It’s extremely uncomfortable asking people not to bring their children to the wedding day in Manchester, but unfortunately we have limited spaces. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet them at other occasions we’re arranging to celebrate our marriage – such as the London Leaving Event, our various stops in Ireland, and The Recovery. That said, we hope you understand that you will see a small number of children on the wedding day in Manchester. These will be:

  • nieces and nephews of Brian & Holly;
  • children that must travel with their parents from outside the United Kingdom and have no family members available in the UK who can care for them;
  • breastfeeding babes in arms.

We know that arranging childcare for your children comes with effort, consideration and even costs, so we totally understand if you cannot attend the wedding day on this basis, but we would love to meet and celebrate with you and your children at one of the other occasions we’re arranging other than the wedding day.

To help with our planning, we’re asking all guests to fill out a form to tell us which of our events they would like to attend. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

The Celebrations

28th August 2021 The London Leaving Event will be an informal affair – a send off to our new life in Greater Manchester – where we can welcome our friends and family as well as their children. It will be light on ceremony with a few events you can choose to participate in over a weekend.

DATE TBD The Great Claddagh Ring Hunt Brian is taking Holly to Ireland for two weeks to get their wedding rings and meet members of Brian’s family and friends on their travels. They will arrive in Shannon, and then visit: Galway City; Clashmore, near the resort town of Youghal, Co. Cork; Dungarvan and Knockboy, Co. Waterford; Clonmel, Co. Tipperary; Naas, Co. Kildare; and Dublin City before returning to Manchester.

30th April 2022 The Wedding Day will be a more formal affair for grown-ups, with some croquet, dinner and dancing. It will be in Bowdon, near Altrincham, Greater Manchester, where Holly grew up.

1st May 2022 The Recovery: a barbeque lunch served with Hairs Of The Dog That Bit You in Altrincham, Greater Manchester.

Meeting personally at any other time will give us the chance to have a far more in-depth conversation so you and your family can get to know us more deeply as a couple.