We are limited in the numbers of people we can host at our celebrations, so we simply cannot extend an invitation to everyone we’d like to celebrate with. Invitations for this event are primarily to Holly’s closest friends and Brian’s friends who have travelled to celebrate with us. If we cannot accommodate you at this event, we hope you will celebrate with us privately on another occasion.

18.30: 17th February

Brouhaha, 501 Green Lanes, Harringay Ladder, London N4 1AL

Holly will be celebrating a milestone with her friends in the restaurant section of Brouhaha in Harringay.

It’s a wacky wig party. So wear what you want – and a wig. The wig is mandatory. Bad hair cuts are not an acceptable alternative. Whatever your do – whether bangs, boufons, bowl heads or buns – we’ll all have a bit of a do.

The sushi is on us, so go get your own drinks from the bar.