Brian mainly makes the travel plans for Brolly’s various trips. He prioritises convenience of location, cost and cultural experiences when choosing a place to stay. Holly’s normally quite content with letting him get on with it. It has resulted in some rather surprising experiences – a beautiful marbled apartment in Turin; a suspected bed bug infested room in Queens, New York; a riotous river ride from a lovely house in Lucerne; and a house in Ohio with unnerving ceramic dolls placed in our bedroom. Needless to say, Holly’s more into luxury travel than Brian.

Obviously, you might want to do your own research and select a place to stay that matches what you’d like to experience during the celebrations, but the links below might help you choose, albeit they’re chosen following Brian’s “convenience, cost and culture”.

Airbnb offers you rooms to stay in other people’s houses, and some smaller hotels. It’s a great way to travel cost effectively, and actually get to understand what a place is like. If you haven’t used Airbnb before, you’ll get up to £50 added to your account to spend on a stay if you sign up by clicking here. has a variety of hotels to choose from – some big, some tiny. For some hotels you can make bookings with free cancellations if you’re concerned about needing to change plans. You may be able to get money off at this link, this link or this link. It also sends you coupons to apply to hotel bookings or there can be coupon codes in the mobile phone app. Sometimes the prices are a bit cheaper on the mobile app, for some reason. Signing up to their rewards programme offers you free nights in hotels when you amass 10 nights of holiday stays through the site. Brian has found this very useful over the last few years, and he’s used the free nights for some of Holly & Brian’s trips, such as in Disney World, Florida.

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