Here’s the options on getting to our celebrations. If you’re driving and you have space in your car, please consider taking other guests with you via our Share A Ride.


A car will make travel to everywhere we’re going to be much more convenient. However, bus services in Ireland are good, so consider Dublin Coach and Bus Eireann much everywhere we’re going to be will require a car journey.


  • The London Leaving Engagement venue will likely be in London Transport Zone 6, a short walk from Hadley Wood national rail station. Tube connections to Hadley Wood are at Finsbury Park, Old Street, Moorgate and Kings Cross.
  • However, there is on street parking available for people that want to drive.
  • All London airports will take a similar amount of time to get to this venue. Brian’s favourite airport to travel to via public transport is Gatwick even though it’s on the complete opposite side of London. (It’s just one train journey direct from Finsbury Park station.) If you want to take a taxi from an airport, then Luton or Stansted airport will be the best option – but try to save costs and meet new people through Share A Ride.


  • Closest train stations: Altrincham Interchange and Hale Station.
  • Bus: 287 from Altrincham
  • From Central Manchester: 30 minute tram from Manchester Picadilly to Altrincham.
  • From Manchester Airport: a 15 minute taxi or 40 – 60 minute bus ride from Manchester Airport.
  • If you’re driving, there is free parking at the venue for the day of our wedding.