We’d really appreciate it if you could upload any good videos and photographs of your experience of our wedding – the before, during & after – via the button below.

Upload files


We don’t want our wedding photos and videos to be all focused on us. Whether you can celebrate with us or not, we really want to see your faces and hear your voices, and have photo and video mementos that capture our guests at the time when we were getting married.

Before The Wedding Day

We want to include people who won’t be with us in person, so instead of the traditional telegrams, we’d much rather receive a video message. Unfortunately there is a deadline for this, though. We need your video telegram by Sunday 3rd July 2022.

Feel free to record the video on your own or encourage others to join you. Try to keep the message under 60 seconds.

Ensure you introduce yourselves first and tell us how you know Holly and/or Brian. That’ll enable everyone who watches the video to know who you are, and it’ll be a lovely memento for Brian and Holly to share with others.

You can come up with your own short message of support, of course, so give it some thought. However, if you’re having trouble saying something unique, perhaps try:

  • share a memory about Brian and/or Holly
  • convey some words of wisdom or a lesson you’ve learned about any part of life
  • tell us a joke
  • sing us a song
  • show us a party trick

Just record the video on your smartphone and upload it via the button above.

During And After The Wedding

We most want you to focus on having fun at our celebrations. We will have a professional photographer and videographer taking photos and video of all the main points of the day – the ceremony, speeches, first dance, cake cutting, bouquet throws and all that – so feel free to put your phones away, be present and enjoy yourself.

That said, so much of the genuine fun of weddings happens outside of the formal and planned elements of the celebrations. When there’s not something specific happening feel free to get your cameras out and take some video and photos so we can see and hear the authentic enjoyment of people who joined our celebrations. On the day or afterwards, we’d really appreciate it if you could upload any good videos and photographs via the button above.

We’ve also arranged that if you want to have a go at being a cameraman, reporting LIVE from Brollywood, absolutely feel free to use the professional videocameras on the day. We’ve arranged for two videocameras to be used by guests, so simply ask to have a go.

If you want to get super profesh about it, you can watch this tutorial.