We’ve all spent far too long in hospital at the start of family life, so we have a few kind requests of our guests to help us have a stress free celebration. We very much appreciate your consideration, support and understanding.

  1. We are limited in the numbers of people we can host at our celebrations, so we simply cannot extend an invitation to everyone we’d like to celebrate with. If we cannot accommodate you at this event, we hope you will wish to celebrate with us privately on another occasion.
  2. Babies have a weak immune system which won’t be fully developed until they are around seven years old, so:
    • please take reasonable health and hygiene measures which protect yourself and others from illness;
    • if you’re feeling at all unwell, that is awful news, and we all hope you get well very soon, but we’d very much appreciate it if you could withdraw your attendance on the day, and we’ll look forward to celebrating with you privately another day;
    • our child won’t be available for any hugs and kisses during the celebration to ensure their comfort and good health.
  3. Babies are easily startled, so please refrain from making any loud noises.
  4. Babies need lots of sleep, and celebrations can be exciting and exhausting for them, so if our child is asleep, please do not wake them up.
  5. As long as the flash is off and you never post images of our child on the internet / social media you are welcome to take photographs during the occasions.
  6. Babies have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and can be overwhelmed by strong smells, so please avoid perfumes, aftershaves, cigarette smoke and farting near them. (Y’hear that Grandad?)
  7. Please don’t smoke anywhere near our child.
  8. Everyone likes to be able to eat in peace, and that includes our child. When being fed please be considerate and show mother and baby courtesy.