Brollywood’s BACK, Baby!

(Seriously, we are.)

We’d love to celebrate our marriage with you. Our wedding will be in North London, near our home in Harringay.

No doubt you appreciate we are trying to give certainty to our wedding events in very uncertain times. We hope you can join us in having a healthy and safe wedding, so please read here to understand all we’ve done to have as normal a wedding as possible. It’s not long to go until our wedding day, so we need information about your interest in attending as soon as brolly possible. We also need email addresses and mobile phone numbers so we can keep our guests immediately updated with details and any changes, as well as give you private access to our wedding website at

We’d love to celebrate with you, let us know if you feel the same!

Below is a “Save The Dates” notice. By filling in the form linked below, you’ll help us, yourselves and everyone plan as best we can. Due to current uncertainties, unfortunately completing the form doesn’t guarantee attendance at the events, but it will be an enormous help for planning going forward and we’ll do all we can to celebrate with as many people as possible. 

Now, please read below and fill out the form for each invited guest to save some dates.